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Shadowcliff is a special place where guests come to retreat, renew, learn and to play, surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the ambiance of Shadowcliff. We host various retreats, workshops, and special events across many different fields of study and experience. Below is a list of our 2022 Programs. Select the group that interests you and follow the link to learn more!

2022 Programs -- Something for Everyone!

(On-Site) Shadowcliff Gift of Story Retreat, September 19-23, 2022

Come away for a time of exploring the natural world as we bring light to the world of the Soul.  Together we will think about our personal histories and use them to shape our understanding of what lies ahead for us.  We will look at the “archetypes” that have guided our journeys.  How do the same story threads continue to weave through our lives?  What are they demanding of us?  How can we live into what is most important to us while at the same time making peace with the themes that have kept us from our full expression?  Each day will include plenty of time both for reflection and engaging with the beautiful and nourishing world around Shadowcliff.

(Online) Shadowcliff Gift of Story Retreat, February - March, 2022


As the Pandemic continues to assail us with new variants and our isolation and inability to plan and execute “normal” life events stretches on, a lot of people are finding themselves faced with the opportunity to discover where their deepest sense of priorities lie.  Many are making big changes, some with precariously little forethought.  We are asking ourselves:  What do we really care about?  How do we want to engage in the rest of our lives?  Who is truly important to us?

A helpful tool in guiding the process of self-discovery is writing down and sharing the stories of our lives.  Recalling and telling the tales that have formed us is helpful in generating a deeper understanding of who we are and where we need to focus in the months and years ahead. It is also a practice that creates strong bonds of love and understanding.  And it is a valuable tool in guiding those under our care as they make their own decisions in the months ahead.

This year the Gift of Story Online Retreat will focus on the family and community connections that have shaped and continue to shape our sense of who we are and what we need to be doing with our lives.  We’ll explore our relationships to family and friends.  We’ll examine the conscious and unconscious expectations that rein us in or empower us as we seek to manifest who we most truly are.  Then we’ll look at what we repress and what we try not to acknowledge in ourselves – in other words, at the Shadow.  Finally we will tease out where and how our inner longings and guidance seek to bring us more satisfaction and joy.

We’ll have eight Thursday sessions, (times TBD) Mountain Standard Time. The first, third, fifth and seventh sessions will be lecture and discussion.  The second, fourth, sixth and eighth sessions will be opportunities for participants to share writings or other ways of exploring their stories.  You will never be required to share, but being a good listener to others’ offerings is essential.

Rewilding: Deep Ecology Conservation and Conversation 

with Gwen Obermeyer and Kelly Yarbrough


Fire Effect on Water in Grand Co.

with Ken Fucik


Sisters of Courage: The story of Grand Lake's Harrison family

with Dave Lively


Board Update & Live Tour - Virtual Volunteer Weekend

with the Board of Directors


Friday Night Happy Hour - Virtual Volunteer Weekend

with Kelly Yarbrough


"Gift of Story"

with Laurie Gudim


"How Do 'isms' Impact Our Journey's?"

with Ariana Friedlander and Ivy Summer


"Women Writing for the Fun of It"

with Krystala Kalil, M.A.


"Master of Noods"

with Ivy Summer, Shadowcliff Staff 2014


Print Isn’t Dead! How to Publish, from Start to Finish“

with Tina Casagrand, Volunteer


Disappearing Cultures in the Ecuador Amazon”

with Gabo Vidal, Former Staff


An Introduction to Journaling and Mindfulness”

with Ariana Friedlander, Board Chair


“Scottish Traditional Music Comes to Shadowcliff”

with the Lean Family, Former Staff


“Studio Tour: WoodSong Studio Custom Furniture” 

with Kelly Parker, Volunteer


“Get Your Kraut on! How to make your own kraut!”

with Emily Cesca, General Manager


“Kombucha 101”

with Liv Morrow, Volunteer


“How to fold a fitted sheet and other life lessons from Shadowcliff”

with Skelley Warren, Board Member


“Freelancing in the Wild”

with Luke McKinney, Past Guest


“Discovering the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail”

with Andrea Kurth, CDTC



with Brandon Goober, 2020 On-site Caretaker
with Harvey Stone, Past Group Speaker
with Kelly Yarbrough, Board Member


with Michael Dorosh, Group Leader, Board Member


“The History of Boating on Grand Lake”

with Ken Fucik, Grand Lake Partner

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