Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

The following is another in a series of posts submitted by Shadowcliff staffers, this one by Ivy Lumpkin, who lets us know that a Summer of Service, isn’t all hard work.

Ivy Lumpkin Ivy is a second-year MBA ca​ndidate at San Francisco State University and owner of San Francisco-based Voulez Events. After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Communication and Hospitality Management from Kent State University in Ohio, Ivy drove cross-country to embark on a journey that began in Grand Lake. She is thrilled to return to town as a new staff member at Shadowcliff from late May through late July. Ivy enjoys rollerblading, biking, hiking, traveling and planning special events. She is especially eager to apply her acquired skills to the Shadowcliff marketing committee’s projects and share an extraordinary summer with a humble team.

My second season spent in Grand Lake, was my first season spent at Shadowcliff, and words don’t quite capture the essence of my various “lived-life-to-the-fullest” experiences. Fortunately, I’ve taken some photos in the heat of spectacular times with Shadowcliff staff and Grand Lake friends!

One of the most strenuous hikes I know is the Grand Ditch trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. The views and sense of accomplishment are truly worth it at the top. Plus, I relish the hike downhill – it’s much easier and fun, coming down!

Hiking the grand ditch in Rocky Mountain national park


Grand Lake hosts several kinds of ceremonies, celebrations and special events along the boardwalk in town. Let me preface by saying, I’m still around the age of determination, and my personality loves a challenge.

So, at the statewide chili cook-off, I kept returning to the same tent to taste more samples – you know, just to be sure it still was a favorite. One of the gentlemen proposed a challenge: one free beer if I could eat one jalapeño and one habanero pepper. In the end, it wasn’t worth the free beer, but I absolutely love the interactivity of the events in town. Everyone here has a story.

Grand lake chili cook-off

I especially enjoy stories told by Colorado and Grand Lake natives. One Saturday afternoon, Law Powell, a long-time friend of Shadowcliff invited a couple of us on his sailboat to race six others on Lake Granby. I learned a lot about sailing and even developed some skills! It seems that every week I spend here, I gain another favorite hobby.

Sailing with Law and Dan

A fellow staffer and my favorite joker, Kevin, owns a Jeep, and he takes us on wild adventures off-roading in Grand County. Jeep-ing is always a blast, and I’ve never laughed harder than when I’m, “off the road again.”

Keeping near Kremmling

Our staff rafting trip was the first time most of us had ever gone white water rafting. We took delight in a very amusing raft guide, and we bonded as a team doing something that requires cooperation. Ever since I joined the staff in late May, I’ve felt nothing but support, great energy and trust.

Whitewater rafting with staff

This is exactly the life I want to be living right now as I grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically, living the Shadowcliff experience.