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As a nonprofit retreat center, Shadowcliff hosts groups and other nonprofits that use off-site group experiences as a way of serving their audiences. Whether that’s a team-building retreat, an experiential workshop, or a respite for clients and their families, group experiences at Shadowcliff are like no other. In fact, some groups have been returning to Shadowcliff for multiple decades!

The Shadowcliff campus features two lodge buildings with 16 total rooms, 3 cabins, and a multi-purpose building. Lodge rooms are appointed with multiple beds that make them ideal for friend or family groups. Lodges are appointed with basic amenities and laid out like a hostel — private rooms but shared bathrooms on each floor. Depending on room occupancy, groups of 15-30 are the most common.

Customizable meal service is available to groups in Rempel Lodge (click here to learn more about the values of our "Compassionate Kitchen", or groups may choose Cliffside Lodge which features its own full guest kitchen and dining area. Our facilities are open June through September.

Just steps from Rocky Mountain National Park trailheads and with spectacular views of Grand Lake, Shadowcliff’s location is second to none. Whether a group is looking for adventure, community or quiet reflection, there’s something special about Shadowlciff that keeps folks coming back...

Who comes to Shadowcliff?

Over its long history, Shadowcliff has hosted many different kinds of groups. Family reunions, adventure travel groups, writing retreats, yoga retreats, trail running groups, school groups, faith groups, health and wellness groups, sustainability workshops, and leadership retreats are just a few examples! Some groups have been coming to Shadowcliff for many years, and we value these sustained relationships. Visit our Programs page to learn about some of the groups that we have hosted in recent years.

Because our lodge accommodations are laid out in a family style (multiple bunk beds in each room, shared bathrooms down the hall), it’s ideal for visiting groups to be comfortable sharing some space with others (We think of our intentionally communal layout as an asset, and we hope you do too!). It’s up to each group leader to decide if rooms should have single, double or triple occupancy, but Shadowcliff can help advise on what arrangement would be most comfortable for your group’s needs.

It’s important to note that Shadowcliff is located at 8400’ elevation. Although anyone can get altitude sickness, those with lung or heart conditions may be at higher risk. There are also many stairs on the Shadowcliff campus and facilities are not currently ADA accessible. Guests should be prepared to face these and similar situations associated with a high mountain environment. [link to #groups tag in blog] [link to partners page]

What do my group participants need to know about staying at Shadowcliff?

When a group books a stay at Shadowcliff, they must have a main point of contact who will be responsible for communicating information and expectations to group participants. Shadowcliff staff will work directly with that contact to coordinate lodging, meals, payments, and any other needs that may be relevant to the group. We can help answer any questions! But, it’s up to that contact to set expectations for the group’s participants.

Click here to download a PDF of Important Information for Group Retreat Participants. Additionally, here are a few FAQ’s that can help:

Let’s talk!

If an unforgettable mountaintop experience is something your organization could benefit from, we’d love to speak with you about how Shadowcliff could serve your group needs. We also offer a tiered rates system to further support our nonprofit partners.

You can download a PDF summary of Group Experiences at Shadowcliff by clicking here.  To inquire about rates and availability, please contact Administration Manager Emily Cesca at: admin@shadowcliff.org.

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