Shadowcliff Photo Archives

Step Into Shadowcliff's Timeless Memories and Scenic Beauty.

Welcome to Shadowcliff, a mountain sanctuary dedicated to healing, growth, hospitality, and community. Our lodge, nestled on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park, invites you to explore our archives, featuring scenic wonders and the legacy of the Rempel Rooms. Dive into our rich history and share your story with us!

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Permanent Exhibits

The Landscapes of Shadowcliff

Explore the beautiful views of Shadowcliff!

Embark on a visual journey through the stunning vistas that define Shadowcliff's natural beauty.

From the serene shores of Grand Lake to the majestic peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park, immerse yourself in the tranquil landscapes that inspire healing and connection.

Hover over the pictures to toggle through the entirety of the exhibit.

Rempel Lodge

Seasonal Exhibits

The Rempel Rooms

Explore the unique charm and history of Shadowcliff's accommodations, each bearing the name of the beloved Rempel family.

Dive into the stories and significance behind these spaces, where hospitality and community converge.

Hover over the pictures to toggle through the entirety of the exhibit and uncover the warmth and legacy within the Rempel Rooms.

Contribute to Shadowcliff's Living Legacy

Shadowcliff's Archival System works to preserve and celebrate the memories since the early days of Shadowcliff. The archives provide catalogues of photos, poetry, and stories, as well as monthly featured exhibits. Interested in adding your story? Fill out the Google Form below to have your stories reviewed and posted.

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