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Healing: A Message From The Board

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Shadowcliff's staff and board of directors are shocked and saddened by the ongoing violence, death, and use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies and private individuals. We hear people’s outrage and indignation, and we are compelled to face this as a threat that must be directly addressed and ultimately eliminated. Fear, and therefore hate, has poisoned our community and has caused millions of injustices, large and small, to blight our ideals.

We decry violence in any form and hearken to Shadowcliff's core values.

  • Healing – We create safe space for contemplation and healing of body, soul, and earth.
  • Growth – We encourage the spiritual, intellectual, and experiential journeys of all.
  • Interconnection – We respect the interdependent nature of all life.
  • Community - We nurture deep & meaningful relationships, honoring our differences.

We stand with all who are working for equality and justice; for all who have been denied their rights, their safety, and in some cases their lives. We accept our responsibility to actively fight racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression so that we can one day live with understanding and acceptance for all. We shall work to understand the intricacies of social injustice and oppression in our world. We shall join the efforts to eradicate bias, hatred, and violence from our country and ultimately from our global community. We shall walk together as partners to raise the voices of the unheard and to change our world into one of which we are proud and united.

We urge all to join our journey toward understanding by actively engaging with efforts in our communities to provide help and healing. Speak out against fear of others, support the elimination of oppression and injustice, supply resources to battle bias and hatred. It is time to stand with the oppressed of our community, we must conquer our reluctance, we must eliminate systemic injustice and share the fruits of our country with all of the members of our community.

Shadowcliff stands in solidarity with the Black, Brown, Indigenous People of Color (BBIPOC) members of our community who have suffered far too long.

Please join us as we live our values by listening to BBIPOC members of our world. Help us learn how the Shadowcliff community may better support BBIPOC needs, including offering space to hear and amplify their voices by hosting listening sessions, workshops and other events addressing issues of social justice.

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