Embrace our rich history of volunteerism, shaping Shadowcliff's legacy.

Shadowcliff has a deep history of volunteerism, with over 650 people from over 40 countries giving their time and talent to literally build our amazing campus! Our volunteers provide more than 1400 hours of service to Shadowcliff each season; wonderful people doing amazing things.

Volunteer Opportunities and Board Engagement at Shadowcliff

May Volunteers

Shadowcliff has volunteer opportunities throughout the month of May which culminate in Volunteer Weekend each year the weekend of Memorial Day. See below for more information.

Summer Volunteers

Shadowcliff welcomes both staff and volunteers during our summer season. To discuss these onsite volunteer opportunities, please contact operations@shadowcliff.org

Board & Advisers

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Shadowcliff is governed by a volunteer board of directors and advisers who meet virtually to design and implement strategies for the future. Please reach out to director@shadowcliff.org to learn more.

What to Expect in May & Volunteer Weekend

Shadowcliff has a rich history of volunteerism, especially visible during the month of May when Grand Lake starts waking up from winter! There are two phases of efforts in May with different point persons and different needs:


  • Early to Mid-May: Skilled Volunteers

While Volunteer Weekend provides a variety of opportunities for people of any age or skill level, Shadowcliff also routinely has a number of pre-season projects that require more specialized labor, completed by small teams. These projects often involve more substantial construction, assessment and/or repair of facilities. These efforts are organized by Shadowcliff's Facilities Committee.

  • Volunteer Weekend: General Volunteers

Always held on Memorial Day weekend, Shadowcliff's Volunteer Weekend is a great opportunity for helpers of many ages. No special skills are required. Lodging and some meals will be provided during the weekend. Examples of work planned for Volunteer Weekend include: Assisting with meals for the group, cleaning windows and surfaces, vacuuming and carpet cleaning, replacing light fixtures, laundry, outdoor work on the property, and more.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved with Shadowcliff, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Come work with us: Current job openings are posted here. Seasonal summer hiring starts in late winter.
  • Sign up for our email list: The best way to learn about opportunities at Shadowcliff is to join our email list.
  • Join the Board or Advisor Team: Our Board Directors & Advisers live in many locations, and support the organization of Shadowcliff in lots of different ways. If remote service is of interest to you, we’d love to hear from you! Contact a Board Director or email director@shadowcliff.org.

Looking for our logo or images to help promote your group experience at Shadowcliff? Download from our media kit here

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