Guest Experiences

Launch your next adventure from Shadowcliff

For over 65 years, Shadowcliff has hosted visitors and travelers of many kinds from all over the world. Whether you're seeking a quiet cabin by the North Inlet stream or a more communal atmosphere in a lodge room, Shadowcliff has options. All of our spaces offer beautiful views of mountains, stream, and/or lakes, and walkable destinations include downtown Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park's North Inlet/Tonahutu trailheads. Because our lodges were built with community in mind, there are many shared spaces that guests should be aware of before booking. Shadowcliff rooms are furnished with the basics, but don't offer some amenities that you might find at a traditional hotel (such as televisions). We prioritize simple, safe, and welcoming spaces that keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. Though modestly appointed, our spaces have served as a launchpad for many transformative experiences over the years, and we hope to inspire your next journey from our home base in Grand Lake, Colorado!

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