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What to see and do in and around Grand Lake.

Tips for Visitors

If you’re looking for information on Shadowcliff accommodations and booking, visit our Lodging page. Be sure to ask staff at check-in if there are other events or activities happening at Shadowcliff or in Grand Lake during your stay!

Elevation: 8400’. Be aware that it takes time for most bodies to adjust to large elevation changes. Visitors coming from lower elevation should drink plenty of water and expect some shortness of breath for the first few days.

Summer Season: Shadowcliff is open for guests June-September. While Grand Lake does have lodging and restaurants open year-round, the summer months are considered “high season” and visitors will find much more activity and access to amenities.

Summer Temperatures: 45 - 85F. Snow can happen as late as June and as early as September.
Packing tips: Bring layers, even in summer months! Grand Lake Chamber recommends: “A bathing suit, durable shoes suitable for rocky trail hiking, water resistant layer and an extra layer of light insulation for colder night temps.”

Wildlife: More than 80% of Grand County is public land and most of that is wild montane forest. Chipmunks, marmots, and foxes are common to see on trails and around town. Moose are also increasingly common in Rocky Mountain National Park and even on Shadowcliff property (Moose can be dangerous and should not be approached!). In the Park, visitors will likely see elk, especially in June and September. Black bears do live in the area, and are attracted by open food containers and dumpsters. This is why it’s so important to properly dispose of food waste. There are no grizzly bears in the area. Mountain lions do live in the area, but sightings are extremely rare. Even so, never let small children out of sight when hiking on trails. Click here to view photos of some wildlife in the area.

Scenic Places Await

Discover Lakeside Serenity and Theatrical Stages in Grand Lake

Kawuneechee Visitor Center is 2.5 miles from Shadowcliff for those traveling on Trail Ridge Road through the Park. The North Inlet and Tonahutu trailheads are 0.2 miles from Shadowcliff. Be sure to visit the Park’s website to determine entry fees & requirements.

As a small, but vibrant community, summers in Grand Lake are not to be missed! Visit local restaurants, shops, and check out the Chamber of Commerce event calendar for events. Main street Grand Lake is about a 5 minute walk from Shadowcliff.

In collaboration with the Grand Lake Creative District, RMFS offers a number of classes and workshops in different media and for different ages taught by regional instructors.

Grand Lake has been the home of RMRT since the 1960’s. The Theater brings artistic professionals from across the country to produce four musical shows per season from classics to contemporaries.

As Colorado’s largest natural lake, Grand Lake is stunning in its beauty and tranquility. Boats of different sizes are available to rent from Grand Lake Marina & Boater’s Choice during summer months.

The town of Grand Lake is full of fun ways for you and you family and friends to find community here. Maybe you are in the mood for live music, or perusing a gallery, or even live theater; whatever mood strikes you, Grand Lake will deliver.

Getting to Shadowcliff

US 34 is the only route to Grand Lake. Arrive either from Granby to the south, or via Estes Park over Trail Ridge Road from the north.
As you drive into Grand Lake, stay left on West Portal Road for appx. 1 mile.
Turn left up Country Road 663. You’ll see a sign there for Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge.

Get Directions

Grand Lake and Shadowcliff location map


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