Shadowcliff Policies

Essential Information for Your Stay at Shadowcliff.

For Everyone

  1. To view detailed pre-arrival info helpful to know for your stay please read our Guestbook.
  2. Check in time is 3pm. Check out time is 10am.
  3. Shadowcliff quiet hours are 10pm - 7am. We ask all guests and staff to observe these hours out of respect for one another. Loud music / parties or disrespectful behavior towards other guests or staff members are not tolerated. Guests in violation of this will be asked to leave.
  4. Shadowcliff is committed to a No-Smoking policy throughout the facility and anywhere on the grounds. This includes tobacco products, cigars, pipes, marijuana (medical or otherwise), and electronic smoking devices. Guests in violation of this policy will be asked to leave.
  5. We love pets, but we are concerned about the safety of other guests and the natural wildlife in the area. Therefore, guests are not permitted to bring pets on the property with the exception of Service Animals as defined under Colorado law. If bringing a Service Animal, Shadowcliff needs to be notified prior to arrival so that staff can be prepared. Shadowcliff adheres to the guidelines regarding Service Animals set forth by the ADA, which can be reviewed here. Please note that the ADA does not include emotional support animals as Service Animals, unless the dog is trained to perform a task related to a person’s disability.
  6. All bathroom facilities in the Shadowcliff lodges are shared. Our staff work hard to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, keeping this shared space welcoming to all. Please inform us if one of our bathrooms needs attention.
  1. All guests are given towels and a linen packet upon arrival for making your bed. At check out, all guests should bring ONLY their top sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases, and towels to the office. Please leave mattress covers, bedspreads, quilts, blankets, and pillows in the room. Common areas are cleaned daily, but daily in-room housekeeping service is not provided. We are happy to provide fresh linens upon request.
  2. In order to ensure a safe environment for employees, guests and visitors, Shadowcliff prohibits the wearing, storage, or presence of firearms or other dangerous weapons in our facilities or on our property. For more details, view our full Shadowcliff Weapons Policy.
  3. We are concerned with our environmental footprint and encourage guests to carpool, use public transportation when possible, be aware of water consumption, and use our recycling services to the fullest extent.
  4. Gratuities for our staff are accepted and encouraged, as is personal connection and story telling.
  5. A deposit of 50% of your entire stay is required at time of booking.
  6. All cancellations:
    1. Within 24 hours of booking will receive a full refund.
    2. After 24 hours of booking to 14 days before arrival will result in loss of half of the 50% deposit.
    3. Within 14 days of arrival will result in loss of the 50% deposit in full.
    4. If a change in your plans occurs, we are happy to work with you to find a different set of dates. Deposits are transferrable to different dates within a season, subject to availability. Please give us a call at 970-627-9220 for assistance.

Should you need to cancel within 14 days of arrival due to COVID illness, please contact us at 970-627-9220 to discuss options.

Additional Policies & Information Specifically for Groups

  1. Shadowcliff is a non-profit organization and we require 30 minutes with your group to share our history and mission as well as the services that are available to our guests and important safety information.
  2. If you are a food group: Dinner will be served on the day of arrival, followed by three meals each full day, and breakfast on departure day, unless you make other arrangements in advance. Meal times are as follows: breakfast: 8am - 9am; lunch: 12pm - 1pm; dinner: 6pm - 7pm.These times may be modified with advance notice and Shadowcliff approval.
  3. Please remember that you must let us know of dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free) and severe allergies for individual participants at least 30 days in advance of your arrival.
  4. Food group guests assist with meal clean-up by offering volunteers for post meal seva. We believe that this helps to build community, honors an investment in Shadowcliff and our mission, and keeps our rates affordable.
  5. If your group includes guests who are not staying with us at Shadowcliff, there is a $15 daily charge per person for each such guest, plus meal charges, if appropriate. As with other group charges, we will ask the group leader to monitor and be responsible for payment.
  6. We understand that deciding upon a gratuity is a personal choice, so we have chosen not to include it as a mandatory fee for our group stays. Groups often leave somewhere between 10-15% or decide on a per person amount to contribute. Whatever you decide, please know that our hard working staff deeply appreciates your support. We hope you connect, share stories, and learn more about them during your stay with us.
  7. Deposits & Cancellations:
    1. Group reservations require a 10% non-refundable deposit (minimum of $500).
    2. Payments will be made as follows:
      1. 30% deposit by 90 days before the event start date
      2. 60% deposit by 60 days before the event start date
      3. Balance plus gratuity due at check in
    3. Group Cancellations
      1. Time of booking to 90 days before the event start date: forfeit of the nonrefundable deposit.
      2. From 90 days to 60 days before the event start date: fee of 30% of the total.
      3. From 60 days up to the event start date: fee of 90% of the total.
      4. Should your group need to cancel within 14 days of arrival due to COVID illness, please contact us at 970-447-9986 to discuss options. These cancellations will result in a minimum fee of 20% of the total.
      5. Should your group need to modify occupancy within 14 days of arrival due to COVID illness, please contact us at 970-447-9986 to discuss options. These modifications will result in a minimum fee of 20% of the cancelled accommodations.
  8. Any changes to the Group Agreement (ex: number of participants, number of rooms, meal service, etc.) will be communicated to Shadowcliff no less than 60 days before the event start date. A minimum of 6 rooms is required to be considered a group. A minimum of 10 guests is required to be considered a food group.
  9. Requests for one or more of the three dietary restrictions that Shadowcliff is able to provide (vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free options) or concerns regarding severe food allergies must be confirmed 30 days before the event start date.
  10. Participant room assignments, documented via the floor plan provided by Shadowcliff, and any other important details (such as group schedules, etc.) must be confirmed 30 days before the event start date.
  11. Please review review Shadowcliff's Group Agreement Policies Timeline.
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