Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Each season, Shadowcliff welcomes a team of rotating staff members from all over the world to help us maintain our campus and serve our guests. If you’ve enjoyed a stay at Shadowcliff, it’s guaranteed that our rotating staff had something to do with it!  

On the blog this summer, we’ll share a little bit about each staff member through some fun questions!


Erin Wooden


Erin is thrilled to be returning to Shadowcliff for her second summer. She has a wide array of experience and interests including cooking, ceramics/sculpture, gardening, carpentry, psychology, animals, reading, knitting, the environment/being outdoors, traveling, adventuring, smiling and laughing. Though she has spent most of her life in Florida and Texas, she is excited to move west to Denver in August of 2015 to attend UC Denver for her masters in Landscape Architecture.

From: Florida/Texas/Moving to Colorado when I leave here

Age: 28

Have you been to Shadowcliff before? Yes, last summer

What made you want to come work at Shadowcliff?  The awesome people, surroundings, culture, activities, and so many other things here. Shadowcliff has a way of restoring my zest for life, so I guess I came back for that. 🙂

What are you most looking forward to doing this season? Talking to the hikers! And all the other interesting guests. Hanging out on my special rock for sunsets 🙂

What are you excited to see/do in the Rockies? There are several lakes that I didn’t get to hike out to last year, that I am really excited to see. Also to see more moose and animals.

What’s your middle name? Kimberley

Favorite catchphrase? Enjoy the “in between” moments. It’s not really a catch phrase, but more a mentality.

Where’s the most surprisingly cool place you’ve ever been? National Forest in Iceland/All of Iceland

What was your first pet?  A hamster named Wednesday

If you could be an expert at anything, what would it be? Making awesome pottery OR making amazing loaves of bread.

Do you have a weird talent/skill? Umm…headstands?

Which movie have you watched over and over and over again? Grease, Billy Madison, Lion King, Little Mermaid

Favorite local/Grand County spot? (Besides Shadowcliff, of course!) The hot springs! I’m hoping to go to Radium this summer.

Name one of your heroes and why you admire them. Dr. Seuss. Or Hayao Miyazaki. I like their views on life and their creative minds.