Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
Our stories help us understand who we are, especially in times like these.

"Listening to our stories is a good compliment to social activism.  We can reflect upon our experience of racism, looking at what are the holes in our experiences, what we deeply regret, what interchanges have shaped us, and what are the impediments to being good allies to the oppressed that we have encountered in our lives.  How we move forward will be shaped at least in part by our understanding of our histories." -Laurie Gudim

Shadowcliff, in partnership with spiritual director Laurie Gudim, is offering a stay-at-home retreat during the month of July.  We will reflect on meaning as revealed in the critical moments of our lives.

What do you want to take forward with you? What is truly important to you? Recalling and telling ourselves the stories of our lives: the crowning moments, the bitter defeats, the mountaintop experiences and the sufferings in vales of sorrow and despair, can help us clarify what we yearn to explore next. In sharing these stories we build community.

Shadowcliff, invested as we are in growth and interconnectedness, community, healing, and affordability, is offering this retreat as a valuable resource in a time fraught with isolation and anxiety.

Our stories are unique treasures. Discover, claim and preserve them.

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