Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

by Hillary Mizia



1185197_630992066922418_5945312_nIn November of 2014 I began my training as Executive Director, and almost instantly felt that I was becoming part of a family. While it’s true that Shadowcliff is a place where people come to learn, discover, renew, and connect, I’m learning that the energy of the physical place transcends any geographic location.  Just as visiting with an old friend can feel comfortable no matter the distance between you or the time since your last visit, the experience of Shadowcliff lives on well past the physical lodge closes for the season and brings a warmth well into the colder seasons.


Hiring for 2015

The staff at Shadowcliff contributes to this energy in many ways and is a unique piece of the Shadowcliff family. From the physical care given to the facility to the personal connections made with each other and our guests, the Shadowcliff staff infuse the lodge with something intangible. As I look to hire for the 2015 season, which starts this May, and as a new employee myself, I am excited to welcome back returning staff members who bring so much knowledge and goodwill. I am also energized by seeking out new people for our management team, chef, and a few rotating positions.


General Manager(s) Position

This year brings a new management model to Shadowcliff. As Executive Director, I work remotely year round from Fort Collins, the defacto off-season office location. Indeed I will be visiting the lodge over the season, however I will not be running the day-to-day operations; this will be accomplished by a stellar General Manager (or Managers, if a couple) who will live on-site throughout the season. Ideal for someone with experience in management, hospitality, and sustainability, this position is best served by someone interested in forming a relationship, returning for many seasons to come.


RMRT D-20Chef Position

The Chef we seek to hire will manage our Compassionate Kitchen. This person will not only work with other staff members and guests to maintain a wonderful kitchen experience and cook delicious meals, they will also share their love and knowledge of food to deepen the Compassionate Kitchen experience. As with the General Manager, this position is best served by someone interested in forming a relationship, returning for many seasons to come.


Rotating Staff Positions

Rotating Staff positions are a wonderful experience for anyone seeking to commune with nature, become part of a community, and develop the skills needed to care for a lodge. New Rotating Staff members will have the added benefit of working directly with, and learning from, returning Rotating Staff, some of whom have quite a long lasting relationship with Shadowlciff.

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I am actively seeking the General Manager and Chef, and will be filling the remaining Rotating Staff positions this spring. This process will bring me contact with many amazing people, and I look forward to finding the right fit for the Shadowcliff family. Please help spread the news about these open positions, and share our Employment page freely. Any interested parties should review the job descriptions and application instructions on our website. As they say, it takes a village! I appreciate your help.


I look forward to meeting you all this summer. Stay warm this winter, and be in touch!




Hillary Mizia

About Hillary Mizia

Hillary joins the Shadowcliff family as Executive Director with more than 15 years professional experience as a sustainability innovator and thought leader. Her experience spans across the business, non-profit, and government sectors, and includes countless hours served on committees and boards for causes, organizations, and movements that speak to her heart. Thriving on innovative sustainability system design, creative partnerships, and helping to develop key institutions, Hillary is excited to work with the on-site management team, board, and the rest of the Shadowcliff community to see this amazing Colorado landmark well into the future.