Shadowcliff is currently closed and will reopen Memorial Day. We begin accepting reservations for the summer season on February 1st, 2020.

Donna DeNomme is an insightful teacher, shamanic healer, licensed spiritual coach, and ceremonial leader, which makes her a perfect fit for bringing retreats to Shadowcliff. In fact Donna has held retreats here for 20 years, taking time off to return to 8Keys-cover-front-120graduate school, add another degree, and write a book.

She is back this year for the 2015 edition of her PathWeavers Retreat called In A Sacred Heartbeat to be held September 11th-13th . She’s planning on gathering a diverse group of thirty-five men and women this year. Donna uses storytelling, art, writing, and integrative ritual to provide multi-dimensional and empowering programs.  No better place to do that than at Shadowcliff.

She believes that in this one moment, in this sacred heartbeat, all things are possible. In a sacred heartbeat you can: connect deeply with the earth, stretch far up into the sky, and embrace those around you and beyond in the Great Circle of Life. You can heal your past, celebrate your present, and seed a bright future. Infinite potential exists … in a sacred heartbeat.

The very first time she did a retreat at Shadowcliff Donna had a surprise waiting for her. “We have a process we lovingly call ‘the bridge,’” explains Donna. “It’s a very powerful release exercise and I was prepared to create a symbolic bridge in the chapel. Much to my surprise upon my arrival, I realized there was an actual bridge.”


Donna has made that exercise an important part of many more retreats because people find it such a transformational experiences. “We also love Shadowcliff because the sanctuary, the chapel is so beautiful of a space to meet in,” Donna added. “It’s just a journey over the course of the weekend, from where people come in with their expectations and hopes, all the way through the surrender to the process. People leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and able to step forward in their lives from a renewed and inspired place.”

“There’s just so much that happens here at Shadowcliff.”

Who attends a PathWeaver Retreat? “People who are looking for self-reflection, development, and empowerment in a non-threatening, supportive and nurturing group setting.
We have a larger number of men attending this year which is encouraging. People do not have to have any previous knowledge or experiences to attend this retreat,” Donna says. “Our program is full-on learning as we walk them through an experiential process, all weekend. Inside, outside – moving around, it’s definitely not a lecture program. We don’t just sit around and share.”

May Jo, a previous Pathweaver attendee, offered this analysis:  “This is the type of experience that lingers and teaches beyond the time and space in which it was presented. The work that you do what happens on so many other levels, not just the intellectual. The bargain is that people have an opportunity to get infinitely more than they came for.”

Another reason Donna keeps coming back to Shadowcliff is the food. “Because of the family style nature of meals served at Shadowcliff, people really get to share and interact with one another. I also think it’s how good the meals are. And to have nutritional meals that taste so good – that’s pretty remarkable!

There are still a few openings for the 2015 program. Learn more about it at Donna’s website here.

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