Shadowcliff is currently closed and will reopen Memorial Day. We begin accepting reservations for the summer season on February 1st, 2020.
Are you ready to discover the Just Be Yoga Retreat?
Gwyn Tash is an experienced yogi, Reiki Master Teacher, and counselor. We’re thrilled she’ll be leading this new Shadowcliff workshop in August; it’s sure to be a memorable experience. But how did Gwyn get to be the leader she is today and what drives her passions? We asked her!


Q: Where are you from?

A: Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Moved to Washington D.C at 11 years of age through H.S. Attended the University of Maryland and received B.S. and M.S. in Human Ecology with clinical emphasis. Moved to Fort Collins in 1989 where I have pursued a private practice in Counseling/Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine/Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Meditation Instructor with 2 published Guided Meditation CD”s, Experienced Yoga Instructor, Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Coach.


GT06Q: How did you first discover the passion for your area of expertise?

A: Movement, creativity and the need to express myself through the arts has always been my Passion. I have also always been very Spiritual and wanting to connect deeply with ” God” Source or whatever you choose to call it. Since I was able to walk I was dancing, singing, writing, acting, creating! Having an extensive childhood history with depression, mood disorders and ADHD, Yoga has been a lifesaver in many ways. It is my best friend and never fails to offer up life lessons and healings. It is a creative and expressive outlet for me; a path to calm my mind, release emotions, build strength, experience empowerment, develop Spiritual Connection, and so so much more! My ability to instruct not only a physically challenging practice but a spiritual and inspirational one is a God Given gift and talent. Healing Spirit flows through me when I teach and classes are revered as physically challenging, fun, and Spiritual. Students are often amazed at how quickly the time flies (or flows). I blend invoking music, intricate and intuitive sequencing with Spiritual, thought provoking and emotionally driven themes. Yoga becomes much more than postures (asanas) and alignment clues, both of which are very important. It becomes a self exploration and expeditious modality for emotional, physical and Spiritual growth. Many students enjoy my classes for these specific reasons and say that it is truly a dance of Spirit, highly meditative and transformational. Yoga truly is a doorway to the Self. Before every class I ask God and Divine to guide me and to help me serve.


Q: What are you most excited about discovering at Shadowcliff this season?

A:  A place of beauty, refuge, awe and inspiration. Nature that reflects the inner beauty and nature in us all. To be swept up in the magnificence of the skies, tress, mountains, rivers and lakes… To be reminded just how small I am and find peace in that. To spend thoughtful moments with others and share in the infinite brilliance of the night sky and far reaching rays of the sun. To offer what I love most – Yoga, Breath, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.13.46 AMMeditation, Healing and Inspiration in space dedicated to be sacred and healing for all. To learn and grow from all that I meet.


Q: Sunrise or sunset? Why?

A: Sunrise (Gayatri) – The illumination of the world and the ignorance within our own minds. Illuminated sight and knowingness nurturing the liberation of our Spirits. New beginnings, Life and true Sight.
Sunset – To rejoice in the return to the darkness we all have come from, in the womb, where body, soul and spirit collided and created most treasured manifestations, dreams and passions. To see the sun kiss the stars …. To take refuge in light of a new dawn. Who needs more?


Q: What do you do when you’re not leading an amazing program at Shadowcliff?

A: I lead other amazing programs!!! I am blessed with limitless opportunity to do what I love: Counseling, Energy Medicine, Reiki Trainings, Meditation and Chanting courses, Spiritual coaching, Yoga classes, Yoga trainings and workshops, write and perform original music in my band Leelah (Sanskrit for the play of life), make meditation and Music CD’s (Kali’s Fire) , play with my cats and dogs, text my daughter, watch Game of Thrones while snuggling and eating popcorn with my husband…. And… Like me on Facebook for upcoming classes, events, workshops, retreats etc… Or contact me directly at To download Leelah’s CD, Kali’s Fire, go to iTunes or request one by email.


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