Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Sunday Morning Snow a Welcome Sight

This blanket of snow was a most welcome site indeed. Up to a foot of snow is expected to fall today and into tomorrow.
No additional fire concerns were discussed on this morning’s briefing. The fire is still active however, and additional communities faced evacuation notices again yesterday. ¬† Here’s a link to the Grand Lake Town Manager’s statement¬†about how the Town will proceed with assessment and healing.
One highlight from the briefing is that the County has recruited upwards of 60 plumbers and contractors acting as volunteers to go into the burn area and try to mitigate problems related to freezing water lines and possible damage to be caused thereby. Since midnight when they announced this program, there have been 1,000 requests for assistance, and the volunteers are taking on these and additional requests as best they can this morning. Shadowcliff’s longtime friend and plumber called our General Manager, Emily Cesca, this morning to say he plans to try to “get eyes on” Shadowcliff for us, and will provide an update.
The Shadowcliff Board of Directors will be meeting tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll share additional plans and next steps soon. If you are interested in following directly, here’s a link to the East Troublesome Fire Facebook page.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has followed this situation over the last few days. So many have called, sent emails, and posted encouragement and support on social media. This is truly an amazing community!