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This poem was shared in a group recently discussing the importance of collaboration among education and retreat centers. The Retreat Center Collaborative was formed four years ago by the Fetzer Institute to work toward collective flourishing.  (

The need is greater than ever to offer places where people can “stand still… let down their loads” and ask the questions that will inform the next leg of their journey. Shadowcliff is committed to being such a place, a crossing place – Trasna – where are Core Values of Healing, Growth, Connection, Community, and Affordabilty welcome each traveler.

“the pilgrims paused on the ancient stone in the mountain gap.
behind them stretched the roadway they had travelled.
already a far journey.. was it a lifetime?
ahead, mist hid the track
. unspoken the question hovered.
why go on?.. is life not short enough?
why seek to pierce its mystery?
why venture further on strange paths, risking all?
surely that is a gamble for fools.. or lovers
. why not return by the known road?
why be a pilgrim still?..
a voice they knew called to them saying;
this is Trasna, the crossing place
..choose! go back if you must
,you will find your life easily by yesterday’s road.
you can pitch your tent by yesterday’s fires
.there may be life in the embers yet.
if that is not your deepest desire, stand still
.lay down your load.
take your life in your two hands,
[gently.. you are trusted with something precious]
while you search your hearts yearnings;
what am I seeking? What is my quest?
when your star rises deep within,
you will have light for your step.
..this is Trasna, the crossing place. Choose!
.. this is Trasna, the crossing place. Come!”
[Sr Raphael Considine PBVM]


“Harnessing the power of connection, we inspire a more kind and loving world.”

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