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30 Donors in 30 Days Campaign

Giving Monthly Matters.

These amazing international members of our community support Shadowcliff with monthly donations across the Atlantic!

 Thank you, Al & Christine! 

In my travels across the USA and to distant lands, Grand Lake stands out as a special place, and
particularly its jewel, Shadowcliff. The essence of the lodge is to serve as a gateway to Nature’s grandeur and to the very best that people have to offer. They meet here, from different paths and beliefs, and manage to find common ground. I’ve seen it, and been part of it, for years. It’s worth protecting.
- Al Goodman (Spain)

I have travelled a lot and have seen many beautiful places around the world. At Shadowcliff / Grand
Lake, I spent only one night, but it was indeed a special night and to me Shadowcliff is a special
place. You meet many people in life and only with few you truly fall in love. This is the closest explanation to what happened when I arrived at Shadowcliff. And when you fall in love you can never tell the reasons why, it is a miracle which takes place and you are right in the middle of it and the rest is completely unimportant. Investing in Shadowcliff is investing in my own beliefs: respecting and loving the nature surrounding us, having friends around the globe gathering peacefully and joyfully around the fireplace of their united hearts. What more can we yearn for in life? 
- Christine Rech (Germany)



One of Shadowcliff's five core values is Interconnection: We respect the interdependent nature of all life.

If you believe in the power of an engaged community to create real change,consider becoming a monthly recurring donor before August 15! Join us at any level that's doable for you. If 350 people gave at $30/month (that's just $1/day!) our basic operating needs would be met. Last year we started this endeavor with 60 new recurring donors. With 30 additional people joining this year, we will be on our way to achieving a bright future.

With gratitude,
Shadowcliff Leadership

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