Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

2005: The lower level of Fireside Cabin is added by volunteers at a cost of approximately $21,000. This permitted a lock-off so both upper and lower Fireside could be rented separately or as an entire cabin.

Spring 2006:  A small addition to Overlook cabin was built out on the Rempel Lodge side designed by Tom Clarke and constructed by Law Powell. After many years of work (including contacts in late 1970’s) in 2006 Shadowcliff is able to acquire an easement to its entry road and parking areas. The cost was $40,000, the largest sum ever paid by SC for real estate and the first since 1969.

2007:  A new Shadowcliff Bridge is built by Memorial Day Volunteers connecting Fireside Cabin to the Lodges. Mostly designed and built on the spot.. Many volunteers preparing logs, etc. Randy Friesen, Law Powell and Peter Rempel key design/builders. In September-October 2007 a sustainable landscaper worked with Bob and Judith to revamp the road, parking areas, etc. during the snow and rain  and finished project by about October 15 to 18, 2007. In October-December 2007—the second portion of the Rempel Transfer of property was completed. This was framed as a “bargain-Sale” with a not to the Rempel Family Partnership LLLP

2008: May and Memorial Volunteers lay a foundation and construct the first phase of the new Shop adjacent to the parking lot. The final old paint shed is removed. This was difficult project as the snow was heavy this late spring and kept flooding the area with water from the hillside throughout construction. No singe leader but Bob Mann was primary.

2009: a new commercial  stove added to the Rempel Lodge kitchen and a Phase I Hood was installed. The design was partially initiated by hired kitchen stove hood expert, balance Randy Friesen. This required building permit and change of Rempel kitchen door configuration, etc.