Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Practical Mysticism with Larry Leblang

September 14 – September 18


To support the best experience for all, registration is limited. Registration deadline extended to August 18th.


“Music and frequency was humanity’s first kind of communication. Please join me and fellow Shadowcliff staff member and professional musician, Bruce Phillips, for a Practical Mysticism moment of frequency. We will sing blessings to each other and enjoy community.”
Scott Merchant, Shadowcliff Programs & Activities Manager


An invitation to those seeking to experience more of their life as a spiritual path!  Let’s come together to create a cherished four days. We will open to the Love and Light within us as we come together in community and individually experience and share these deeper parts of ourselves.


Using tools of connection such as meditation, prayer, time in nature, sharing from silence, and music, we will access our deeper understanding and create a safe space for learning more about ourselves, and our journey as human beings. Cliffside Lodge has been reserved to hold our experience.


Wed evening – Overview and introductions
Thursday – Anchoring in Unconditional Love – through intention, focus, and accepting a connection within us with Higher Self or (your own word)
Friday – Coming to Balance – with our ego and our shadow
Saturday – Living in the Inspiration of this Moment
    Evening Closing – Live Musical Celebration



We are happy to share that Scott & Bruce, two of our resident musicians, will be hosting a ShadowSing-a-Long Saturday evening. Let’s create joyful frequency together and celebrate this new and enriching Practical Mysticism program. 


September 14 – September 18

4 nights lodging & meals

$635 (Single occupancy)  $415 (Double)

Program Cost — Pay as Inspired

(We do not want program cost to be a barrier to attendance.)

(Suggested donation $160)


To support the best experience for all, registration is limited. Registration deadline extended to August 18th.


Larry Leblang, a longtime member of the Shadowcliff community, currently serves as the treasurer of the Shadowcliff Board of Directors. Larry’s career path has included roles such as General Manager and Director of Finance for a number of organizations, primarily in the non-profit community. He holds an M.P.A. (Masters of Professional Accountancy), a B.A in Philosophy, and has been licensed as a CPA.

His spiritual practice has embraced both Eastern and Western mysticism for the past 50 years. Starting with the teachings of Ram Dass in 1970, the essence of Hindu and Buddhist practice is the foundation for an ongoing practice and understanding of his soul’s journey.

For the past eight years he has attended Quaker meeting in Santa Fe, and incorporated elements of more traditional Christian and Western practices into an ecumenical model of one’s place in the universe. He has come to appreciate Quaker based communication techniques and practices, and they serve as a model for much of the workshop facilitation.