Shadowcliff Hosts First Annual Rainbow Luncheon

Greetings Shadowcliff Friends and Family!
Today was a very very special day.
Today Shadowcliff Hosted it’s First Annual RainbowLuncheon.
Over 35 people showed up ready to connect and support one another.
The thing heard as most people arrived was…
“I’ve never been here! 
I’ve heard about it but never been. Wow!”
It brought a smile to hear those words.
The Rainbow Luncheon was created out of the revelation that a large portion of this Years Family Staff at Shadowcliff identify as Queer. Given the rich history of Unconditional Love that flows from and through the Shadowcliff Family, it felt like it was time for a gathering.
Our incredible family staff came together to create this beautiful moment. Chef Kestrel, Chef Daniel, Piper, Max, Megan, Alanah, Kathy, and Emerald created a feast fit for royalty!
Mayor of Fraser, Philip Vandernail attended with His Husband, Eric and son, Jacob. Mayor Vandernail spoke to Our group, encouraging Us to continue having these types of events to remind the LGBTQPIA+ Community that We are indeed not alone.
Below are the digital invites for this event and a photo from today’s gathering. I’ve included a song that is incredibly pertinent to this moment.
Keep Your eyes on Shadowcliff folks!
Lots more to come.
Want to become involved?
Contact Scott Merchant
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