Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Greetings from Shadowcliff!


A special announcement:


trail running  You are an important member of the Shadowcliff Community, whether as a guest, volunteer, donor, group leader or perhaps all of the above.  Your support as a member of this Community helps us shape and address our challenges and opportunities.  The next year brings changes in leadership and opportunities for creating new partnerships that will further our mission as a mountain sanctuary that connects each of us more closely to the natural world. We want to share these changes with you and the possibilities which they provide.


Carl Transitions as Director

First, Carl Sniffen announced in late March that he would not be returning as director for the 2014 season. It was a difficult decision. Shadowcliff’s history is filled with talented and inspiring people beginning with the Rempel family, who from time to time simply need to change roles while remaining a key part of the Shadowcliff Community. Carl plans to remain one of them, as he looks forward to spending more time with Barb, their children and grandchildren in Oregon and the opportunity to visit Shadowcliff with all of them and of course to continue to serve Shadowcliff in a variety of ways.


Carl has worked tirelessly on behalf of Shadowcliff for the last several years, and his efforts working with the Board and staff have prepared Shadowcliff to move forward and address the challenges of the future. During this time we have partnered with new organizations to expand the variety of our workshops , strengthened our ties to the Grand County community, launched a new website, enhanced our social media presence, improved our reservation system, added dozens of photographs to our walls, and recently nearly completed the Laws of Nature Trail as part of our expanded educational efforts.


Carl will continue many of his director’s duties through the upcoming off-season and will be helping to lead the transition of leadership for the 2014 season. Expect to visit with Carl during the off-season whenever you call to make a reservation, ask a question about groups or to inquire generally about Shadowcliff.


Judy and Skelly Warren Retire

judy and skellyIn June we also learned that Judy and Skelly Warren would be retiring after seven years as our great Office and Rotating Staff Managers. The loss of these three key Shadowcliff leaders naturally presents new challenges, but it also serves as a catalyst to re-examine the nature and role of these positions in a rapidly changing environment.


The Board has chosen to use 2014 as a pilot for a new model of leadership in which our on-site summer Managers will have full responsibility for day-to-day operations . While we have not fully defined the role of Shadowcliff Director we know that it will move toward developing new groups and workshops and will not necessarily require a fulltime onsite presence during the season. The first challenge  of course was to find new Managers with a love and passion for Shadowcliff, the skill to lead, and a willingness to explore this new model with us.


Welcoming Karen Bigelow and David Grossman as the new Managers!

FireworksWow, were we lucky!  Karen Bigelow and David Grossman have agreed to serve as Shadowcliff Managers for the 2014 season. Many of you are already familiar with Karen and David. Whether serving on the Shadowcliff Board or spending countless hours volunteering in one of many Shadowcliff projects, Karen and David’s long standing passion for and commitment to Shadowcliff is well known. Karen is a long time friend of the Rempels and she and David were married at Shadowcliff in the summer of 2004.


We are sad to see Judy and Skelly retire and certainly will miss Carl as our director. We are, however, very grateful that Carl will continue working with us this year and into the future,  We are delighted for the chance to borrow Karen and David from their world travels and welcome them to their new roles as 2014 managers.


We are excited to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as the journey continues, and encourage you to contact any of us with your suggestions or questions.


Carl Sniffen         Lance Woodbury              Bob Mann

Director               Board Chair                        Program Chair and Former Co-Director

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