Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
  • by kathy
  • · December 30, 2013

Updated: January 6, 2014: The Rempel Family has suggested contributions be made to Shadowcliff for those who might wish to do so. Contributions can be sent to Shadowcliff, 520 N. Sherwood,  No. 32, Fort Collins, CO 80521. Thank you. We will continue to provide updates and information. You can also donate online. Whether you make a donation by check or website,  please indicate that your donation is for the Warren Rempel Fund.

With heavy hearts. we report the death of Shadowcliff’s founder and inspiration Warren Rempel. We will continue to update this site and our Facebook page with information. For now, the beautiful and wonderful words of Patt and Sue Rempel will suffice:”

IMG_0592December 28, 2013

“Death is not extinguishing the light… it is putting out the candle because the dawn has come.”

Dad took his last breath last night. He went peacefully… very peacefully… just breathed deeply until he released his body and set his spirit free.  He was a Christmas miracle… after four weeks of being near deaths door… not eating… sleeping much of the time… he woke up the weekend before Thanksgiving and began to stay awake more and more each day…Eating, smiling, enjoying visits from friends and family.

Well, he made it to his 88th birthday (Dec 14), which we celebrated together. The next weekend was mom and dad’s 61st anniversary (Dec 22), which we celebrated. He celebrated Christmas Day, and enjoyed every bite of the Christmas dinner. He did not wake up the next morning…. and by Friday morning, he was breathing deeply, not responding and clearly letting go.

Mom and I were by his side… I had kissed him goodnight and just laid down to go to sleep when two of his favorite care givers came in at 10:00pm to say goodnight. He took 3 quick breaths and stopped breathing. Just let go… very peacefully… as if to say “I am ready now… thank-you… I love you”… to mom… to me… to AmI and Yolanda (the two angels who cared so lovingly for him this past year… called him Papa… offered him so much love, dignity and care.) We all felt so blessed to be there for his passing.

So now… he is free… up there, wherever it is we will all go some day. He had been saying that his mother was here (grandma died many years ago)… I think she WAS here to call him “home”.

Dad was a fighter… and he definitely did it his way at the end of this life. Four weeks of not letting go… four more weeks of celebrating life, friends and family… now he is with Scott and Grandma and dad’s sisters whom he loved very much. It is nice to know they were there waiting for him…

Mom is doing as well as she can. She has struggled herself this past year with her health and the stress of caring for dad these past years. Life is full of impermanence.

We just want to thank you for loving dad, for sharing his life … for being his friend…and now… you can hold him in your heart… Knowing his spirit is flying free.

We are thinking of you and sending you love.

Sue and Patt”

While Warren and Patt have been frequent visitors to Shadowcliff over the last dozen years, their spirt is always their, and it always will be. Rest in peace Warren.

Carl Sniffen