Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

by Brian Murphy

Shadowcliff is, for us, where everything we love convergences; extended family and friends, mountains and outdoor activities, quiet solitude and spiritual formation.

Our story starts with Kera’s childhood summer vacations at Shadowcliff. Like visiting a distant family member, returning to Shadowcliff’s familiar mountain smells, sights and sounds brings unspeakable joy. Grand Lake’s well preserved quaint character plus Shadowcliff’s rustic style set the stage for an authentic mountain experience. Unlike entertainment-driven mountain lodges, modern distractions are quieted by allowing the outdoors to become Shadowcliff’s finest amenity.

This pristine and “off the beaten path” setting proved the perfect place for us to start a new chapter upon our return from post-college South American volunteer service. Brian immediately understood Kera’s love for this place and was welcomed into the Shadowcliff “family.”

The next chapter deepened our sense of family as we realized that this mountain sanctuary could be transformed into our wedding chapel. Unbeknownst to us, it was Shadowcliff’s largest and Bob and Judith’s first as Directors. In the decade since, half a dozen other couples have found it to be an exquisite destination setting in which to bond a love but also share the Shadowcliff story – the feeling of being part of the world in a unique, and organic way – with our closest family and friends.


The story continues as our children – Eden, August, and Mac – have fallen in love with Shadowcliff. We have continued Kera’s family tradition with annual family vacations to nurture that love so they too can experience the natural world and the wonder that it offers in a safe and purposeful space. Now, I share that same affection, and have joined the Shadowcliff board of directors to ensure that another generation is afforded this rare opportunity.


Our love story has many chapters and Shadowcliff will always offer the comfort and creative space to expand that love.



2b51b0b  brian murphyAbout Brian Murphy

Brian is an engineer specializing in water issues and lives in Denver, Colorado. As another relative newcomer to the Shadowcliff Board, Brian brings a wealth of information to Shadowcliff regarding water issues, an important topic for Shadowcliff workshops and an integral part of the Shadowcliff history. Brian is a former staff member. He and his wife Kara (also a former Shadowcliff staff member) were married at Shadowcliff.