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30 Donors in 30 Days Campaign


We are elated to report that 28 new monthly donorsjoined us during our month-long Shadowcliff 365 campaign! We closed at 93% to goal. 


We would be ecstatic if two more joined the team. Could that be YOU?


Click Here to Join Us: Giving Monthly Matters


Sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the following 28 who joined us as monthly donors (or increased their monthly donations):


Cindy Bartholomew (TX)
Kayla Casteel (CO)
Kathleen Fanis (WI)
Jamie Frazier (KS)
Randy Friesen (CO)
Leslie Friesen (KY)
Calvin Gipson (CO)
Ben Heitman (NM)
John Heitman (MO)
Clinton Hinman (KS)
John Hoffman (FL)
David Lent (CO)
Richie Nelsen (CO)
Stephanie Ogburn (CO)
Sue Rempel (NM)
Lisa Reynolds (CO)
Mary Silwance (MO)
Merle Snyder (CO)
Carol Somsel (IN)
Ivy Summer (Greece)
Dave Suptic (KS)
Mark Thatcher (VA)
Alexander Thompson (NY)
Nick Thompson (CO)
Judith Turner (CO)
Elizabeth Wheelan (TX)
Lance Woodbury (MO)
Kelly Yarbrough (KS)