Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

A Note from Shadowcliff Board Member, Calvin Gipson


Calvin joined over 15 volunteers and staff for the early May period of preparations to open for the season. This reflection from the weekend were sent to the rest of the Shadowcliff Board of Directors, and (with his permission) now you!
This past week has been a very hard working, productive time getting Shadowcliff ready for the season.  We shared community meals and had a special night of music, singing, and watching the spectacular Blood Moon lunar eclipse together from the balcony of Rempel Lodge. We also had a special send off for Emily. 
Listening to the ideas, planning, excitement and care that our young people have for Shadowcliff reminds me of the importance of our role as board members to be visionary, focused, co-creators to help their dreams, and ours, come true.
So much inspiration to keep safe this special, magical place sitting on top of a granite rock in Grand Lake, Colorado. A hearty thanks to our leaders this past week Kathy Baldwin, Chris Van Roekel, Max Dacier, Scott Merchant, Kestrel Mills, Emily Cesca & Michael Dorosh.
Bruce and Crystal share a happy moment!
Diego returns!
Greg and Stuart replacing Riverbend roof!
Alanah is back!
Kestrel in the kitchen!
Chris and Kevin prepping for the day!