Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Monthly Giving Matters!


We believe in the power of an engaged community to create real change. Please consider becoming a monthly recurring donor today! Join us at any level that’s doable for you. If 350 people gave at $30/month (that’s just $1/day!) our basic operating needs would be met.

As a Loretto Community co-member, there’s a long history of our community with Shadowcliff. And as a former member of St. Paul’s Methodist / Buddhist Community, I knew of the Rempels and their work.
 There are so few financially accessible places that have an ethic of honoring and enabling our deep connection to nature.  The vision of the Rempel’s enabled such a place. It inspires my continued contribution so that others may experience that precious gift.  –Lisa Reynolds, Denver


I have been coming to Shadowcliff for a number of years, volunteering my time and talent. As life became busier, my visits became infrequent. But the memory of standing on holy ground and looking out over Grand Lake from the point is what I would share with others. Especially those seeking community, connection and healing. That others may share this beautiful place, drives my continued support. –Jay Liebenguth, Omaha


Shadowcliff as a mountain lodge is seasonal, but it’s a perennial community that I want to help sustain. From my first summer working on staff, I knew I wanted to be part of this place for a long time. I may not be able to give as large of individual gifts as some, but it makes sense for me to express my commitment through a recurring monthly donation because it means Shadowcliff remains part of my life throughout the year. — Kelly Yarbrough, Manhattan, KS

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