Greetings Shadowcliff Friends and Family!!!

Tonight we have a special story to share.

Bruce Phillips and I attended Crane School of Music together in 1997!!! SUNY Potsdam brought Us together and we’ve been friends ever since. (thats right NY’ers! We’re SUNY people!) Bruce is an incredible pianist and composer. I have been teaching Voice for 20 years. Bruce is also the coach and accompanist of all of my Voice Students. What a blessing to be able to make Music with Our Friends!


This year Bruce and I celebrate our 23 year of Friendship. What a cool moment to share together while working at Shadowcliff! So far We’ve composed music and performed to commemorate the east troublesome fire. We play music around the fire and around the piano. It has been joyous.

And now We would like to share just a few things with you.
We would like to offer a series of Night Songs that are Our favorites.

These Night Songs will be a short video with views of the Moon on Shadowcliff grounds, paired with Our favorite songs about the Moon.

Please take and use this as you see fit. We will be sending out 5 of these Night Songs for You to enjoy.

Tonight we begin with Italian Contemporary Composer and Pianist, Ludovico Einaudi. more info here ->

Einaudi’s haunting melody in “Full Moon” arranged for classical guitar. Listen to the track attached and click below for the moon video.


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