Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!


Do These Values Resonate With You?


They have sustained Shadowcliff for over 60 years. They weren't created as a brand strategy or sales pitch. They're not always easy or glamorous to enact in our world of disconnection and miscommunication. But, they have consistently lived out over generations by our founders, our leaders, our staff, volunteers, and recurring guests.

Shadowcliff365 is a way to stay connected, year round! Recurring giving helps us as an organization, and it helps unite Shadowcliff as a community that is spread across increasing time and space. If you feel connected to Shadowcliff as a place, a community, or just as an idea, consider joining us as a recurring donor at any level that feels right to you!

It's misleading to think of Shadowcliff as a seasonal operation. Sure, the lodge is closed October - May, but the work doesn't stop!

Shadowcliff365 is a way to acknowledge the year-round effort that it takes to sustain this place we know and love. It also represents our intention as an organization to stay connected with you, our community, year round.

Did you know?
  • Our annual facilities maintenance budget averages approximately $15,000 -- not including major repairs or upgrades. Additionally, we spend a full 10-15% of our annual budget for bare bones insurance coverage, with expected 15-25% annual increases.
  • Each year 60-75 volunteers work during the month of May to ensure Shadowcliff is ready for guests to visit from June through September.
  • Shadowcliff was built over the course of almost 30 years by over 600 volunteers from 42 different countries.
  • An average of 20 groups hold retreats at Shadowcliff each season.
  • Each summer Shadowcliff employs approximately 10-12 seasonal staff who live and work on site.

Every donation you make helps continue this legacy, and inspires the journey for the next generation to come. Every dollar you give makes all the difference!