Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!



Shadowcliff is a non-profit organization founded as a place of retreat and renewal in a busy world. Our mission is, “A mountain sanctuary that holds space for individual and collective transformation.” We deeply believe in the power of human connection and the ability of that connection to heal. At Shadowcliff, we encourage reconnection to the natural world, to a sense of peace, and with the Divine, whatever that may be to you.

It is also important to our mission that we provide an affordable and meaningful experience to all of our guests. We learn much from our guests and from the natural world around us. We also provide educational opportunities, both large and small. Shadowcliff is a non-religious organization with a deep spiritual core.


Harnessing the power of connection, we inspire a more kind and loving world.


Healing – We create space for contemplation and healing.

Growth – We encourage spiritual, intellectual, and experiential journeys.

Community - We nurture deep and meaningful relationships, honoring our interdependence, respecting our differences.

Hospitality - We provide a range of programming, a commitment to pluralism/inclusivity and affordable accommodations.


The Shadowcliff story begins with a tent and a campsite on the banks of the North Inlet stream. In 1956, Patt and Warren Rempel dreamed of building a simple, rustic lodge and purchased two lots on the North Inlet stream in order to fulfill this dream. Inspirational morning meditations on a promontory, which overlooked Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake, served as the source of the dream which became Shadowcliff. After a year or two of tent camping by the stream the Rempels purchased the remainder of the land and began the first building project in 1959. By 1981, construction of the main buildings was completed through the efforts of approximately 650 volunteers from 42 countries.

This volunteer tradition continues as more than 100 volunteers participate each year in a variety of ways including work projects throughout the month of May (pre-season opening) and throughout the regular season. The Rempel family and volunteers from all over the world created Shadowcliff as a mountain sanctuary.

In the years that followed, two lodges, three cabins and our classroom (the Chapel) were built. More than 650 volunteers from 42 different countries combined their talents and labors to build Shadowcliff—a place to reconnect with the natural world.

Shadowcliff is a magical place, a spiritual place, and a place full of energy and life—from the North Inlet Stream, to the wind, the powerful sun, and mighty summer storms to the trees, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife that surround us and frequent our grounds to our guests who come from all over the world to retreat, learn, reflect, share, gain understanding, reconnect and have fun. We look forward to your visit.