Treatment Educat10n Netowrk's HIV Retreat

"Knowledge is power ... it's no longer about dying of AIDS, it's about Living with HIV."

Monday, June 22- Friday, June 26, 2020

The mission of Treatment Educat10n Network (TEN) is to educate and empower individuals with HIV by providing information, skills, and knowledge, in a proactive and supportive environment.

History of the Program

Shadowcliff founders Pat and Warren Rempel had a son, Scott, who was an early victim of the AIDS virus. He died in 1989. Soon after, they decided to do something to honor him. The Rempels remembered their own experience with Scott and thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if people had a weekend getaway in the mountains – a retreat to get away from a pretty horrible time.”

Soon it was, “why wouldn’t we do this?”

And so, the first HIV retreat at Shadowcliff started in 1991.

Michael Makes it Happen

The Rempels decided to host a retreat for HIV-positive people, providing the entire facility exclusively for a weekend. After this model, the Rempels started working with Michael Dorosh, who first came as an attendee of the retreat. “At the time, everyone just got sick and died,” Michael said. “It happened pretty quickly and life suddenly turned pretty bad.”  There were a series of partnerships and co-directors over the years before Michael became the main driver of the event. He is responsible for organizing and facilitating the program.

Over time, as the disease evolved, so has the retreat. The weekend is more than a reasonably-priced, Mountain getaway. It’s a holistic experience combined with seminars on the latest medical information and alternative therapies. It’s staffed by a doctor from the University of Colorado, internationally known therapists and other volunteers who offer energy work, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga and meditation as part of a full program.


A Safe and Inclusive Environment

“The HIV retreat leans right into the human aspect of our mission for collectively creating a climate for a restorative world,” says Hillary Mizia, Shadowcliff’s former Executive Director. “Sustainability is as much about restoring thoughtful human connection as it as about environmental impact. Our long standing and heartfelt connection with this group is something we deeply cherish and look forward to fostering over many years to come.”

The retreat is open to all adults living with HIV regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, creed, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, age, employment status, socio-economic status, or health status. Each retreat is limited to 40 participants and 10 volunteers. Tuition is purposely held low and includes all three days’ lodging, meals, activities, body therapy, education, discussion groups and even a talent show.

One of the discussion groups, held around the campfire is entitled Sex, Dating and Disclosure. “It’s a hot topic, because it’s not something that people living with HIV feel comfortable talking about,” said Michael. “Practitioners, case managers and clinicians, all avoid it. They don’t want to talk about it. But, then when the attendees get to the retreat, they can talk freely and candidly about it.”

The Retreat

These annual 3-day weekends include a full program of interactive workshops & educational seminars, a variety of body therapies, social activities, and various other sessions. Each Retreat is an exceptional, empowering experience for the participants and the volunteers. The retreat offers nature walks in the area, hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park (trailheads are adjacent to the property), a boat ride on Grand Lake, fireside chats & discussion groups, an interactive team challenge, as well as “down time” for hanging out, socializing, reading, games; or just relaxing and taking in the beauty of the environs.


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Rotary Club of Grand Lake, Colorado


The Gift of Story Retreat offers us space for discovery and sharing. We will interact with our Shadowcliff hosts and sit in the presence of mountains, pine trees, rivers and the myriad creatures who live nearby. Optional outdoor activities will include exploring the beautiful Grand Lake area by boat, by foot, and perhaps by car (for wildlife viewing), plus down time to spend either alone or together with new found friends.


Guests will stay in the cozy Rempel Lodge, enjoying extraordinary views. Shared, gender-specific bathrooms with private showers are available. Upon arrival, receive lovingly folded sheets and towels. While nightly cleaning isn't provided, new sheets and towels can be obtained from the Front Office.


Commence your culinary journey with dinner on the 22nd and savor three daily meals until breakfast on the 26th. Our Compassionate Kitchen prepares delicious, nutritious meals using seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. The power of sharing a meal is celebrated, with buffet-style service inclusive of drinks. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with prior notice.


Come experience this all-inclusive 5 day, 4 night getaway for:

  • $575/person double occupancy (we will be happy to pair you with another Gift of Story participant)
  • $795/person single occupancy

Group Leader

Michael Dorosh is a retired small business owner who now devotes his time to a number of volunteer endeavors. Since 2004, he has been Director of the annual HIV Retreat at Shadowcliff, started over 20 years ago by the founders of Shadowcliff. Michael serves as Director of Treatment Educat10n Network (TEN). Its programs include the HIV Retreat, monthly Community Educat10nal Forums, and the UB2 social group. Nationally, he is very involved in the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition (ATAC) and the Global Community Advisory Board of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). He also serves on the University of Colorado ACTG CAB (Community Advisory Board) and the Colorado State ADAP Advisory Committee. He enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, and spending time with his best friend Rocket.

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