Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
After a thorough and extensive search for our new management team, I am pleased to announce Karen Bellina as the General Manager and Will Peak as the Assistant Manager. Together they bring a wonderful combination of experience across many sectors, including a shared passion of being in and having reverence for nature.

Karen is new to Shadowcliff, but not to hospitality or non-profit organizations. She has shared the last 20 years between working for Aspen Huts and Trails and the Denver Foundation, all the while deepening her knowledge and passion of various wilderness topics like birding and rock climbing. She comes to Shadowcliff with a dedication to the mission and an excitement to learn.

Will has been a friend of Shadowcliff for several years. From attending to workshops to spending summers as Rotating Staff, he has grown with Shadowcliff, even moving to Denver to pursue a career in the sustainability sector. The mountains have called him back this season, and his historical knowledge of Shadowcliff is a welcome pairing to Karen’s experience.

Watch for more detailed posts about both Karen and Will in the coming weeks. Better yet, come on up to the lodge this season and meet them in person! They’ll be there, excited to meet you.