Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
Photo from The Marmot Recovery Foundation.


The time has come to be a Shadowcliff Dream Maker!

Calling anyone and everyone who dearly loves Shadowcliff (or a good night’s sleep) and wants to see new mattresses, sheets, blankets, and other upgrades to the many beds at our lodge. Be a Dream Maker now!


Upgrade Your Sleep Experience

Last September we posted about the start of our Dream Maker campaign (you can read that post here). After successful testing of our new natural and organic mattresses from Suite Sleep, this spring is the time to raise the funds needed to upgrade at least 10 beds. What kinds of upgrades? you ask. Well, for starters, every double bed will be replaced with a queen. And to do that, we need new sheets and blankets, as well as mattresses. Along the way we learned that box springs are really expensive. The new mattresses need some kind of support, but their warranty is voided if they’re placed on top of a used box spring, so for all of our queen beds we need new slat bed frames.

The twin mattresses will also be upgraded. As those of you who have had a night’s rest in one of our bunk beds may know, some of them need a little TLC. Plus, we can’t put a new mattress down with too few slats underneath. This means that we’ll have some volunteer time this May on bolstering the mattress supports for all our bunk beds before placing the new mattresses on top.


How Can I Help?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form below before April 1st.

It’s really that simple! Just decide if you want to Cuddle Up, Count Sheep, or more. And if you’re really hoping to see a new mattress in a particular room, be sure to make a note in the comment section. Oh, and April 1st is the deadline so that we have enough lead time to get the new mattresses ordered and delivered, and the old mattresses removed and recycled.

If you can’t give money right now, then consider:

  • Donating a new or freshly cleaned blanket;
  • Donating a new or freshly cleaned quilt or comforter;
  • Volunteering this May to help with the bunk beds and general mattress swapping.


Be a Dream Maker!