Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
  • by kathy
  • · October 7, 2019

We did it!  Our Shadowcliff community raised over $60,000 in just over 90 days!    It has been truly amazing and heartwarming to witness the magnitude of gratitude to the Rempel Family legacy demonstrated through this campaign!

Here is a brief recap of the incredible activity that has made up these last few months:
1. The beginning  — The Campaign of Gratitude began with a significant commitment by an extremely generous donor, followed by the Shadowcliff Board raising the remainder of the match to ensure all gifts were matched 100%. Then, this year’s staff started the ball rolling with the first “group” donation.
2. The Players — Donations large and small were received from a diverse mix of our Community, including current and former staff, current and former board & advisory members, volunteers, group program leaders & participants, individual and family groups, and local Grand Lake supporters.
3. The Numbers  —  Our goal was met through the generous contributions of 135 donors, with the average donation of $296.   42 donors gave at the $500 level and above, and 12 donors gave more than once during the campaign.
4. The Finish Line — On the final day of the campaign, a former Shadowcliff board member stepped forward with a donation that would ensure the remaining gap to meet the goal was eliminated.  Quite a finish!
5. The Resounding Applause — During this campaign many significant Shadowcliff stories were shared.  We plan to continue to actively collect and archive these amazing moments as clear evidence of the significance and enduring impact Shadowcliff has made for so many for so long. The stories compiled so far will be bound and gifted with the final payment to the Rempel Family Trust. Please send your story to Terry Woodbury ( or to me, as we will share these precious mementos with our Community and with those who do not yet know the magic of Shadowcliff as well.
Our Gratitude to the Rempel Legacy has indeed been demonstrated, and we look forward to determining the details of our next future-focused steps. Stay tuned… even though Shadowcliff is now closed for the season, much work in preparation for the 2020 season and beyond is just getting underway!
With sincerest appreciation,
p.s. Formal acknowledgements for all donations will be sent by the end of October.