Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!
  • by kathy
  • · December 4, 2019
From Shadowcliff Board Chair, Ariana Friedlander
Dear Shadowcliff Family,
As a part of the recent Campaign of Gratitude, we promised that we would share updates about how we will be investing in the future of Shadowcliff. We begin with presenting our work over the last year on upholding the foundation of Shadowcliff’s guiding principles: our mission, vision, and values.

At the 2018 fall board retreat, the Shadowcliff Board of Directors established a working team to research and recommend statements that would most effectively capture the values of Shadowcliff. That team set about reviewing historical Shadowcliff documents analyzing how we have previously explored these guiding principles. We approached this work with the objective of crafting, and formally adopting, a set of values statements that would honor our past, present and future.

As part of that process, the Values Team also reviewed the mission and vision statements of Shadowcliff. There was a consensus among the board that this was the time to update the mission and vision for the organization to best reflect a purpose that enables Shadowcliff to thrive and to serve as a valuable resource for future generations.

The Board went through a thorough and thoughtful process over seven months, exploring the essence of what makes Shadowcliff unique and the role we play in serving the greater good. We looked at the needs in society and the world at large in connection with the strengths Shadowcliff has to offer. The working team met regularly to synthesize what was being learned, presented back to the board, gathered feedback and revised.

After careful deliberation, the Board voted to adopt the mission, vision and values shown below. In the near future, you will see these new guiding principles on all Shadowcliff related materials including the website, guest books in rooms, and beyond!

These guiding principles will serve as the foundation for us to honor the Rempel legacy while charting a path forward. These guiding principles are our north star, they are the impact we seek to create and the way we are committed showing up in the world.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am honored to announce these guiding principles:

Mission:  Shadowcliff is a mountain sanctuary that holds space for individual and collective transformation.

Vision: Harnessing the power of connection, we inspire a more kind and loving world.


    • Healing – We create safe space for contemplation and healing of body, soul, and earth.

    • Growth – We encourage the spiritual, intellectual, and experiential journeys of all.

    • Interconnection – We respect the interdependent nature of all life.

    • Community – We nurture deep & meaningful relationships, honoring our differences.

    • Affordability – We intentionally provide a variety of accommodations and programs.

In Service,
Ariana Friedlander, Shadowcliff Board Chair