Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Mon – Tues – Wed!

Amazing Sessions in Store for you Early Next Week!
All sessions will be held on Zoom online conferencing. There’s no charge for sessions this first year, but donations are most welcome!


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Monday, Aug 3 2-3pmMST
with Gabo Vidal, Former Staff

“We can’t protect what we don’t love, and we can’t love what we don’t understand”. This also applies to native populations in our planet, which their culture is vanishing at a very scary rate… But why should we care about them? Does it matter if they are gone and we are still here? If you don’t have a clear answer, you should definitely join us in this crucial topic.

Tuesday, Aug 4 12-1:30pmMST
with Ariana Friedlander, Board Chair
Do you strive to live in the moment but find yourself easily distracted by worries or concerns that consume your attention? In this interactive session, Ariana will show participants how to use journaling to deepen mindfulness. Participants will learn trust themselves, shifting from worry to joy filled presence. No previous journaling experience is necessary. 


Wednesday, Aug 5 1-2pmMST
with the Lean Family, Former Staff
This session will transport you to the wilds of Scotland, through music, song and stories. It will feature 3 well known Scottish musicians (Patsy Seddon: Harp; Mike Lean: Fiddle; Duncan Lean: Fiddle & Pipes) who all have long associations with Shadowcliff. It will be interactive, and feature a Question & Answer session.