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Practical Mysticism
NEXT WEDS July 20th (7pm mtn) on Zoom


Practical Mysticism provides an opportunity for all who are interested in spiritual practice to come together and share their personal journey.


Through our sharing, this program intends to create a safe, learning environment where all voices are acknowledged and heard.

The Practical Mysticism program facilitates growth and perspective for each person to enrich their journey and their individual practice. We encourage living in the moment.


How it works
All paths are welcome within the group. Aggressive debate, and engaged conflict are prohibited. This learning experience offers a chance to appreciate the beautiful dance of each individual as they move through their spiritual journey. An established group sharing format will be utilized to ensure equality is practiced and all have a chance to share if they wish. We believe safe space is essential to growth. Inclusivity is our guide.


This Program is held the third Wed of each month, hosted in a Zoom format. There is no cost to attend. We will share experiences, practices, and techniques within the communities of Shadowcliff, Grand County and beyond.


Additionally, we will also offer an onsite gathering from Thursday Sept 15th to Sept 18th at Shadowcliff. (Registration and cost information for the onsite offering coming soon!)

Important Note: The online sessions and the onsite session are independent of each other, you can participate in any or all of the offerings.


Questions? Please email Shadowcliff Programs at


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Practical Mysticism with Larry Leblang
Larry Leblang, a longtime Shadowcliff member of the Shadowcliff community, currently serves as the treasurer of the Shadowcliff Board of Directors. Larry’s career path has included roles such as General Manager and Director of Finance for a number of organizations, primarily in the non-profit community. He holds an M.P.A. (Masters of Professional Accountancy), a B.A in Philosophy, and has been licensed as a CPA.
His spiritual practice has embraced both Eastern and Western mysticism for the past 50 years. Starting with the teachings of Ram Dass in 1970, the essence of Hindu and Buddhist practice is the foundation for an ongoing practice and understanding of his soul’s journey.
For the past eight years he has attended Quaker meeting in Santa Fe, and incorporated elements of more traditional Christian and Western practices into an ecumenical model of one’s place in the universe. He has come to appreciate Quaker based communication techniques and practices, and they serve as a model for much of the workshop facilitation.



It’s free to attend the monthly Zoom sessions. Please RSVP to to obtain the link.