Shadowcliff Opens for the Season on Memorial Day. Now Taking Reservations!

Team Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge!!!
Our theme: Disney Villains

What an incredible day it has been! This July 16th 2022.

Our Team was first to race today against Our Friends at the Grand County Democrats!

We paddled and paddled and soaked ourselves with the refreshing water in Grand Lake! We started out as Disney Villains and, midway through, changed into PIRATES!!! The silliest of silly fun.



What a lovely moment to come together in Community! All the Teams were excited to Fundraise for their non-profit.


And heres the great news! At the award ceremony they gave out 2 trophies. One was for the fastest team who beat all the others. (this was NOT Us lol.)

The other of the 2 trophies were for best costume. Tim Hodson, founder of Dragon Boat Races, announced it was Team Shadowcliff!!!
We got a great response from all of the other Teams around Us. So much L-O-V-E!




The Dragon has come to Shadowcliff!


Friends this was a blast and we raised a total of $1055 for Shadowcliff today! Big thank you to all of Our donors. We appreciate You so so much.


Huge thank You to Our Shadowcliff Family Staff for showing up and showing out. None of this would be possible without each and every one of You.

Welp for now, I'd say that Shadowcliff has made a splash in Our Community. We're pooped but so so happy!

Till the next adventure......

Night night Neverland!

Programs Director
Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge