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Let’s Go For A Walk



The Laws of Nature Interpretive Trail was dedicated to Bob Mann & Judith Christy as a departing gift in appreciation for their dedicated service as co-directors.


This beautiful trail was designed to meander through the Shadowcliff property and to provide different vistas and points of view relating to 10 Laws of Nature. The path includes gentle slopes, with easy footing. There are five reflection stations like the one shown below, each focused on two of the ten Laws. Also at each of the five stations there is a lovely sitting bench inviting you to pause and consider the meaning of each of the laws and how it affects your own surroundings.



Reflection Station #1: Aspen Grove 
Nature Rewards Adaptation
Nature Runs on Current Sunlight
Reflection Station #2: Mountain View
Everything in Nature is Connected
Nature Curbs Excess from Within
Reflection Station #3: River Meadow
Nature Uses Only the Energy it Needs
Nature Acts Locally with Rippling Effects
Reflection Station #4: The Bridge
Nature Favors Diversity
There is No Waste in Nature
Reflection Station #5: Judith’s Garden
Nature Acts Without Judgement
Nature Rewards Cooperation
It’s extra special to consider the Laws of Nature at Shadowcliff, but we encourage you to take time with these wherever you are.
Thank you, Bob & Judith, for your many gifts to Shadowcliff!  This trail is a wonderful asset to our special place and a perfect tribute to you both!