Megan Kennedy Hired as Operations Manager

Shadowcliff is pleased to share that experienced staff member Megan Kennedy will return to Grand Lake this summer in the important leadership role of Operations Manager. Here’s a little more about Megan and her excitement for the coming season:


Megan, where are you from, and what are some things you like to do in the off season when you’re not at Shadowcliff?

Megan: Currently I have been spending my winters in the warm tropical climate of the Sunshine State! I own a luxury picnic company, called Alpaca Picnic where I get to curate unique, nostalgic picnics for folks celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, date nights etc. When I am not doing that, I enjoy fishing, kayaking and spending time with my friends and family here in Florida.

What was your first season at Shadowcliff, and how many summers have you been on site?

Megan: In 2019 I first rolled up to Shadowcliff, snow was still on the ground and I had never been west of Alabama. I was enamored with the views, the vibes and the people that Shadowcliff and the west presented me with. I spent that season as rotating staff. In 2021 I returned post Covid as the Hospitality Supervisor, and learned to navigate the new challenges we faced of being open after the pandemic, and after the Troublesome fire. In 2022 I came back again as the Hospitality Supervisor.

What’s your favorite view at Shadowcliff?

Megan: This is the hardest question of them all! But I think my favorite view is located on a wooden chair on the Interpretive Trail, facing the river. You’ll see marmots, chipmunks and squirrels running around, hear the rush of the river and see other people walking to their cabin or on the trail. And if you turn to the right the side view of the Rempel Lodge is gorgeous.

Do you have a favorite trail in the area?

Megan: Monarch Lake Trail, it’s down a dirt road about a 35 minute drive. But it is sooo worth it. You can hike around the lake, or take off and go to the falls! This is where I spotted my first bear too! Thankfully I was with Jenn Grubb, the maintenance manager on site 2019, she helped me think rationally while I was panicking!

What are you looking forward to most about this summer?

Megan: Genuinely I’m looking forward to meeting the staff for this season and creating connections with them and with the guests. I’m looking forward to developing new skills, learning more about Shadowcliff and having more growth and knowledge in my professional and personal life.

What elements make a great seasonal staff experience at Shadowcliff? Anything you’d like to say to someone who’s considering applying to be on staff this year?

Megan: Shadowcliff is a unique space, a unique experience. The people it attracts, from guests, volunteers to staff is unlike most places one will encounter. The views are spectacular, the town of Grand Lake is something straight out of a Hallmark movie, and the hiking, kayaking, bird watching and outdoor activities are endless. If someone is considering applying, I would tell them to not even think about it and just do it! There is no way they would regret it.

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